Curasept ADS220 Chlorhexidene Mouthwash 0.2% 200ml

Code: CURA-ADS220


Code: CURA-ADS220
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Don't let the stain be the pain!

Curasept ADS is a professional range of anti-bacterial mouthwashes, which contains a patented, clinically tested Anti Discolouration System (ADS) which, unlike other chlorhexidine mouthwashes, drastically reduces the appearance of brown-yellow spots which can form on the teeth due to chlorhexidine.

PVP-VA (PolyVinylPyrrolidone Vinyl Acetate) is a co-polymer with mucoadhesive properties and an outstanding ability to create a film on the oral structures. Due to the creation of this film, it prevents the aggregation of bacteria over teeth and gum surfaces, therefore, slowing down accumulation and development of bacteria.

Curasept ADS 220 helps fight all types of gum conditions and irritations, or can be used when the protection of the buccal site is essential for the success of treatment.

  • Fast, effective anti-plaque activity
  • How to use: 1 rinse for about 1 minute with 1 tablespoon of undiluted product (10 ml), twice a day, in the morning and evening, after the main meals. Continue for one week (10 to 14 days maximum)
  • 200ml bottle


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