Curaprox BDC Denture Cleaning Set Denture Set

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Code: CURA-BDC190
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Curaprox BDC Denture Cleaning Set

Time for Mother Nature to take care of your retainers or dentures with organic ingredients like citric acid, sea-salt and  eucalyptus oil hat effortlessly combine to  dissolve  plaque and food debris on your dentures or retainers. This  BDC Denture Cleaning Set is unlike others as it does not damage the plastic.

What makes the BDC Cleaning Set so great?

The Curaprox BDC cleaning set gives natural, long-lasting care. With the natural mix of citric acid and sea-salt, it does not damage your dentures or retainers, it'll keep them looking as fresh as the day you got them for years. In fact, eucalyptus oil gives additional protection along with anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. On top of that - it protects and seals the plastic with lush microfilm, this includes any and all existing microcracks.

The BDC cleaning set also includes a brush for your dentures, made with soft Curen filaments for your dentures, retainers and the clasps. It is super easy to remove the food debris and plaque with one of the two ends.

Product Description:

  • Natural ingredients used for the cleaning solutions
  • Seals microcracks
  • Long-lasting freshness and protection.


  • BDC 100 daily
  • BDC 105 weekly concentrate
  • BDC 111 box
  • BDC 150 brush
  • CS 5460 ultra-soft toothbrush


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