OCC Dentiro Wipes Refill Regular 120pk

Code: OCC-CH-041079


Code: OCC-CH-041079
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OCC Dentiro Wipes Refill Regular 120pk

Dentiro Wipes Refill 

Contents - Refill pouch with 120 disinfectant wipes (14.5 x 20 cm), classic scent
  • DENTIRO ®  Wipes are ready-to-use disinfectant wipes for the residue-free disinfection and cleaning of small surfaces of non-invasive medical devices such as operating tables, gurneys, IV poles, and dental chairs. The highly saturated wipes have a low alcohol content of less than 50%, which not only reduces the potential for allergies but also increases material compatibility. DENTIRO ®  Wipes are aldehyde-free and biodegradable.
  • Kills 101 microorganisms -  Active against even the most resistant viruses such as poliovirus and adenovirus.
  • Compatible with more than 275 materials including artificial leather -  The product is particularly suitable for the disinfection of sensitive surfaces such as artificial leather covers or acrylic glass.
  • Contains less than 50% alcohol - The disinfectant wipes are particularly suitable for the disinfection of sensitive surfaces such as artificial leather covers or acrylic glass.
  • Highly saturated wipes -  The disinfectant wipes remain moist for up to half a year in a tightly closed box.
  • Residue-free drying -The disinfectant wipes leave no streaks and, therefore, make additional wiping redundant.
  • Tested under high organic load The disinfectant remains effective even in the presence of heavy organic contamination such as blood or other bodily fluids.
  • Tested according to 18 European norms -VAH-/DGHM-listed

Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times

Bactericidal 15 seconds
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria 15 seconds
Tuberculocidal 60 seconds
Mycobactericidal 60 seconds
Yeasticidal 15 seconds
Antibiotic-resistant yeasts 15 seconds
Enveloped viruses 15 seconds
BVDV 15 seconds
Coronavirus 15 seconds
Hepatitis B virus 15 seconds
Hepatitis C virus 15 seconds
Herpes simplex virus 15 seconds
HIV 15 seconds
Influenza A virus 15 seconds
Vaccinia virus 15 seconds
Non-enveloped viruses 60 seconds
Adenovirus 60 seconds
Norovirus 60 seconds
Poliovirus 60 seconds
Rotavirus 30 seconds

Complies with EN 13624, EN 13727, EN 14348, EN 14476, EN 16615 and RKI/DVV guidelines. Dermatologically tested.


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